Capture text data from social media, surveys ,email, and dozens of other sources Import results directly from your existing Survey Monkey account Access social data from Twitter, Tumblr, Disqus, and Wordpress. Develop insights with custom classifiers trained on your data Humans and machines actively learning together Discover and explore frequent keywords in your text data Crunch your data with our suite of text analytics tools and reports


is a cloud-based, collaborative text analytics solution. Generate valuable insights about customers, products, employees, news, citizens, and more. With dozens of powerful text mining features, the DiscoverText software solution provides tools to quickly and accurately make better decisions. Our unique ActiveLearning machine classification engine improves over time. Whether you are handling a sea of social media, thousands of survey responses, streams of customer service requests, e-mail, or other electronic text, DiscoverText is able to reliably sift and sort your text data.


Tools for Government

DiscoverText contains many tools specifically designed for government purposes.

Consumer & Employee Engagement

Understand key trends in your VoC. Discover employee themes & issues.

Text and Social Data Mining Software

DiscoverText handles #bigdata with text mining tools for individuals, groups, and crowds.

Import Text Data

  • Multiple file formats
  • Email, RSS & social media
  • Schedule live feed imports
  • Capture rich metadata

Search, Filter & Organize

  • Discover information with TopMeta
  • Use CloudExplorer to find themes
  • Search all text and metadata
  • Chain complex Boolean searches

Add the Human Touch

  • Code documents with ease
  • Keyboard-optimized coding
  • Attach memos to documents
  • Collaborate online with peers

Machine Classify & Analyze

  • Machine classify w/ActiveLearning
  • Validate and export results
  • Generate graphical reports
  • Redact sensitive information